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maqex 09-01-2010 11:39 AM

Bedroom basement window, two hairline cracks
We just bought a bungalow that was built in 1979 (in Orleans, Ontario) and we discovered that one of our bedroom basement window has two hairline cracks. One was repaired (with epoxy) but might still have some problems and the other one isnít repaired. Some companies are recommending excavating and putting on a platonic membrane along the entire 8 feet length below the window ($6,000) . Others are recommending excavating and putting a platonic membrane on the 2nd crack ($1,000). Others are recommending fixing the cracks with polyurethane injections from the inside only ($1,500). We are unsure if we should fix it from the inside or outside or both. There is also one company trying to convince us to create a window well on the exterior (and bringing excavation equipment).

One of our daughters is going to be sleeping in that bedroom so we really want to make sure that there wonít be any water filtration or mold.

Your advice is very much appreciated! :thumbsup:

Daniel Holzman 09-01-2010 12:20 PM

You say these are hairline cracks. Hairline means significantly less than the thickness of a credit card. I have been looking at foundation cracks for 20 years, and a hairline crack is not in and of itself evidence of a structural problem. You can fill the crack with epoxy or urethane, or hydraulic cement. Any of those techniques will reduce water infiltration to a minimum. These are typically inexpensive repairs, generally less than $500, but of course if you look hard enough you can find a contractor willing to charge you several thousand dollars for the repair. Or, if the crack does not leak, you can leave it along.

stadry 09-01-2010 05:34 PM

i'd pay attn to dan & ag ESPECIA::Y the part about hiring a p e as the inspector,,, most of the jabonies i've seen own a word processing program & little else in the way of expertise.

we inject crks - no one in our specialty has much/any luck injecting down be below .003" - the width of a sheet of 24# printer paper

never heard of a platonic membrane - is that something you get from your sister-in-law ? ? ?

SPS-1 09-01-2010 06:09 PM

To maqex:
-If it does not leak when it rains, you probably don't have a problem. ( you can put a waterhose against that wall for a few hours as a test, too) I have had the dimpled membrane repair done. It worked and I got a 10 year warranty. Fixing the one crack should take one day, and that price seems to be the going rate around here, assuming they are digging about 5 - 6 feet deep and have good access. Not sure why an 8 foot long hole is so much more money than a 3 foot long hole. You might want to get a price from the fellows who quoted fixing the one crack to do the whole 8 feet. I would hate to go the trouble of fixing the one crack and then finding water leak from the other one. I can't comment on the polyurethane injections --- get a copy of their warranty.

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