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ponch37300 08-11-2008 09:16 PM

basement window replacement
I am looking at replacing two old wooden windows in my basement with new vinyl sliders. I have a poured basement wall with a 1 1/2 inch wood frame and then the wood window. I am going to need to get some custom windows which aren't to bad in price. My question is should i rip all the wood out even the frame and anchor the new window right to the concrete wall or should i leave the frame in or replace the frame with another wood one and mount the new window to the wood frame. Hopefully this makes sense. I guess i would like to rip all the wood out so i don't have to deal with it anymore and just have the new vinyl windows. Thanks for any advice on this.

buletbob 08-12-2008 06:47 AM

When I do basement windows, I remove the interior brick mould which is the 1-1/2" wide trim piece nailed to the jambs. this is on the interior and exterior of the window. then measure the width of the sill from concrete to concrete. and the height of the side jamb this will be the size of your new window minus 1/8" on both measurements.
So what you have left is the exterior brick moulds, nothing else. sill ,top and side jambs are all removed. now install your window from the inside pushing it outwards. I go to the exterior of the window and center it in the opening of the exterior moulding, then shim it. the bottom of the window should be tight against the sloped cement apron,there should be no gap at this point. I then drill some pilot holes into the exterior moulding for some self tapping screws which I install into the molding and in the window flange.Two on each side and three on the top. I then cover brick mould with alum.trim and caulk.
for the inside I rip an extension jamb out of some pine then screw that to the sides of the face of the window frame. (jamb width is usually 2")
I then blow out any loose debris from around the inside of the jamb and concrete with compressed air. then I get some foam insulation that comes in a can and spray it all around the voids between the new window and the concrete. Hint push the spray tube in all the way to seal any leaks, no voids. what this will do is seal the window from drafts and rain, it will also fasten the new window to the concrete by the foam. once filled take some 2-1/2" wide casing and case out around the inside of the window, the casing should cover the concrete wall. By doing it this way you are sure to keep the same glass area as you had in the beginning. If you use the old frames your cutting down on the size of the opening.
I find the foam insulation in a can to be a very good water proof adhesive for this purpose, the insulation must state that it is a closed foam insulation, so it won't absorb water. Good luck Bob

ponch37300 08-12-2008 02:56 PM

Thanks bob. Is there anything wrong with removing the old jamb on the outside and just using white caulk there and making the extention jamb on the inside bigger. I think it would be easier and look better from the outside to do it this way. Then spray foam like you siad from the inside. Thanks again

buletbob 08-12-2008 03:58 PM

If you remove the wood brick mould from the outside what is going to hold the window in place. the exterior trim should already be locked in place from the concrete that was poured around it when the unit was installed in the forum. I leave them unless they are rotted, then I replace them with something I rip out of Aztec. Plus it needs to be there to keep the foam from pushing outside. BOB

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