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bf514921 07-08-2012 01:11 PM

Basement wasls, vapor barrier , options for what i have to work with
Before i go into a lengthy description.
1. Yes i am familiar with the search function, and have used it extensivley to search basement vapor barier install, basement insulation and what to do not to do.

2. I have been reading building, thanks to everyone who posted links previously in other posts, it was helpful.

3. I have determined my original implementation idea was not the "best practice" method, it was just a method. It has been done in the past but does not mean it is the best current method. My original implementation was going to be stud was vapor dryway in my basement. this is not the most prudent instalation.

-I live in iowa near cedar rapids for a climate zone. my house was built around 1976. i had a finished basement with no isulation and a dropped ceiling. i had some water damage and decided to gut the basement and start from scratch. I had a foundation crack that was discover that was not part of the water issue. I have had that repared, new electrical service panel installed and started some work. I am at the point right now that i believe my orignial idea of insullating and instaling vapor barior is not the correct method for basement walls. after doing extensive searching of forums, building and the infamous internet i have sucessfully confused myself.

- the current state of my basement i have framing completed, however the framing is next to the concrete, sometimes there is an airgap, sometimes not it depends on how plum the concrete basement wall was.

- i have only had a water issue in my house once, in the 2008 flood. no other water issues exist to correct.

-my questions
1. In my current situation, i was wondering what solutions there are WITHOUT removing the basement framing.

2. I original intent was framing, batt insulation, vapor barrier then drywall. After alot of reading i understand for a basement that is not the desired solution.

3. Is closed cell spray foam insulation a viable option to provide both a vapor barier and insullation for the existing stud structure against the concrete wall?

4. Is the best option to remove the stud framing and start over, using pink foam insulation reframe and go from there. In my case this is the least desirable, but not impossible.

5. My goal for this question is the hope that there is a viable option that does not require removal of the studded wall, the entire room that i wasn to finish is about 22x24, and is completely framed. if nothing else perhaps my experiance will serve as a remindere to more to do more research than i did before starting the project. i thought i new exactly what i needed to do untill i did more reaserch.

6. If there is a post that addresses this type of question, i apologize, i couldn't find it. but there are very many posts relating to understanding/construction and why you want a vapor barrier.

thanks to all who take the time to read this post.

bkvanbek 07-09-2012 08:39 AM

take out your wood studs out, that are against the concrete foundation and put up InSoFast. We install a lot, by far the best way to go.

bf514921 07-09-2012 12:01 PM

cool looking stuff, doesn't look to bad.
Does anyone know if closed cell spray foam would require me to move the wall away from the concrete?

Or is the general concensus no matter what move the wall 2 inches from the crete?

Gary in WA 07-12-2012 11:26 PM

A good read;

On that other foam product, 2-1/2" thick (closed cell- EPS) to get the same R-value as 2"XPS. Very vapor open (3.5 ? perms) compared to 0.90 perms, a lot more moisture coming through in the same amount of time.... the plastic studs will conduct thermally (lose room heat), though just how much? Lose again with the wiring channels.


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