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cloves 03-24-2010 10:44 PM

Basement Sump Pump & Dimpled Plastic Membrane Interior Questions
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Hi everyone, I was hoping I could get some questions answered about my basement. My basement has a wall that has all this dimpled plastic membrane running along the floor. On top of the plastic seems like the poured self leveling concrete. The plastic runs all along the wall and then wraps and runs about 3 feet on the side walls. In the corner theres a sump pump. My basement is 4 foot below grade btw. I noticed that all along the bottom of the wall they drilled huge holes.

Ok when it rains I see that the center of the cinder blocks (the hollow part) fills with water near the footing. The water then seems to come out of the relief holes in the interior and it seems to redirect the water to the sump pump pit. Basically the plastic is shields the water from making it to the basement floor which I am sure it was how its intended to work.

Today I dug up one of the walls on the outside to see if there was a weeping system in the footings and there wasn't. So I imagine when we get heavy rain the water gets by the tarred wall and into the block.

Does anyone have any images or directions on how this system works? I have another wall in my basement that water is makin into the basement and would like to install the membrane run it to the sump pit as well.

I have attached images of the system. I can't seem to dig up any info on this process. I know I have seen this dimpled material used on the exterior of walls.

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