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clemson726 07-25-2010 10:40 AM

Basement Stair Framing
I am in the middle of a new home construction and i'm framing it myself. I've to the point of framing up the basement stairs and I'm having trouble figuring out some things. I'm pretty confident on having my stair dimensions correct. The question is framing around the stairs. My scenario is as follows:

I have poured foundation walls with 2x4 perimeter framing on the inside of the walls. I have 2x4 constructed open web trusses running from the front to the rear of the house. The staircase will be a "U" shape in the front corner of the basement. I understand that i will have a ledge inside the staircase due to the fact that i framed the inside of the foundation walls. (I'd have a 4.5" ledge). I'm to the point of putting subflooring down and my question is how to subfloor around the stairs. The exterior walls on the main floor will be built with 2x6s. If i subfloor to the edge of the floor truss on the end i'll end up with a 2x6 wall sitting on the top of a 2x4 top chord. To me this doesnt sound acceptable. What is the conventional method for doing this? What are acceptable methods for doing away with the ledge i mention? Thanks in advance.

Gary in WA 07-25-2010 05:37 PM

Sorry, I need a picture.

Be safe, Gary

clemson726 07-25-2010 08:27 PM

i will try to get one tomorrow. I guess my question isn't really a stair question so much as a subfloor question. If it makes it any clearer i can try to explain again until i get the picture. Note that i have only framed the walkout basement portion. I'm in the process of laying the subfloor

I have a stepped poured concrete foundation for a basement with 2x6 exterior walls. Instead of using furring strips on the concrete walls for the dry wall in the i decided to stud those walls with 2x4s. Those 2x4 walls come up to the bottom of the floor trusses. There will be one main floor on top of the basement floor. On one side of the basement, in the corner will be a stair case. Part of the stair case runs parallel to the floor trusses. The main floor will also have 2x6 exterior walls. so my question is how do i lay subfloor around this area? I'm not confident that laying a strip of subfloor down on top of a 3.5" wide floor truss and then sitting a 2x6 wall on top of it is correct.

clemson726 07-26-2010 01:05 PM

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i drew this up so you can see where i'm talking about. You may have to rotate the drawing to see it. The floor trusses are outlined blue. This isnt an EXACT drawing, but it creates the scenerio i'm asking about.

Gary in WA 07-26-2010 05:09 PM

"I'm not confident that laying a strip of subfloor down on top of a 3.5" wide floor truss and then sitting a 2x6 wall on top of it is correct." ------ That is done everyday in new construction. Either live with the ledge, or extend it all the way up to the sub-floor above. Remember, if leaving it short, the stairs need the required width plus the ledge. The ledge should be high enough not to trip on, handrail height or raked at handrail height is normal. You still need a handrail. If the wall is brought up to the sub-floor with decking over it- that's fine. You will still have enough bearing under the sub-floor to the exterior wall. Normally joists are just 1-1/2" thick where yours are 3-1/2".

Be safe, Gary

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