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BlueBSH 12-17-2009 09:27 AM

Basement redo tips?
So I am planning a complete redo of my basement... its ~8 ft to the joist bottoms plus another 2 inch for pipes sticking below them and wireing... I'd love to drywall 80% of it, except for the "mechanical room" which is where all the valves and conduit are... and put drop cieling in one spot where there are some pipe connections... the rest of it is pretty much HVAC duct and wireing so drywall doesnt seem too bad of an option for the cieling...

whats the current standard for insulating? Inch foam on the floor with plywood over it screwed down?

I'd assume inch foam on the walls with standard 2x4 framing?

anything I should take into consideration when designing the concept plan? I'd love to have as much of the lighting recessed as possible... I hate those 2x4 drop cieling T8 bulb lighting fixtures.... :)


Bob Mariani 12-17-2009 12:34 PM

I would use at least 2" XPS insulation on the walls and another R13 in the stud walls. Use recessed cans in the ceiling (IC type) for the lighting. Read articles on for the correct procedures to insulate the walls and the floor.

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