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Firehawk734 08-16-2011 04:05 PM

Basement Leak Problem along Brickwall/Driveway side
I need some help with a minor leaking basement. I have a brick house in Michigan. My driveway runs along the one side of the house that I'm having a leak in the basement wall on, and the driveway IS pitched slightly away. However, the joint between the brick exterior wall and the driveway is a good 1 1/4" wide. So far I've taken 3/4" backer rod, twisted it together and stuffed it in, and filled the gap with that rubbery stuff that comes in a big caulk can that cures over 3-5 days and self levels. This has drastically cut down the problem, but after leaving the hose run in the area for about 2 hours I had just a damp spot in the basement.

Now the previous homeowner filled a couple cracks with something in the basement but it didn't prevent water from leaking. I would get a small puddle down there in heavy rains. Now I only get a small damp spot about 2" in diameter on the wall but no free flowing water. I added additional hydraulic cement over the already repaired area but I"m not sure if that will do any more to stop the leak completely.

I'm wondering what I can do further externally that won't involve tearing up my driveway, or if I've already done all I can.

One thing I noticed is that some of the mortar between bricks have worn away. Is it possible rain could be getting behind brick and dripping down? Should I run beads of silicone at the very bottom where the self leveling expansion joint sealer is and the brick, and also fill all mortar-worn areas?
I don't know what builders put behind brick, if anything, like a barrier, to keep water out. I wonder if water is getting behind the brick and slipping down along the basement wall. The basement walls are poured concrete. The brick wall I'm having trouble with faces West, the worst direction since most weather blows west to east.

The house was built in 1968. I tried to think of all info I could include. I want to finish the room in the basement that I'm having a small leak in with drywall and don't want to have to tear it all out again one day.

I appreciate the help.

gregzoll 08-16-2011 05:20 PM

You will need to extend the downspouts to move the water away from the foundation. You can also use a trough to move water away along the drive & foundation, but you need to do some digging, and will have to cut the concrete or asphalt to install.

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