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Krendler 02-24-2010 05:29 PM

Basement Insulation / Vapor Barrier Question
Sorry guys and gals but here is another basement insulation question, I am located in New Brunswick, Canada, a relatively cold climate in the winter and humid in the summer. I know that there is a ton of posts on this subject but I am finding it difficult to find one close to my situation so forgive me. I am just starting to renovate my basement, I have installed a subfloor system and I am moving on to the framing stage.

My question is in regards to basement wall insulation. My house is about 8 years old, when the home was built the builder installed 1.5" of Truefoam EPS on all foundation walls (R5 - 6). I have installed XPS in all the joist cavities as well as on top of the exposed portion of the foundation wall inside of the sill plate. Based on some information I have read, I plan to install 6 mil vapor barrier directly over the EPS and seal it to the rigid foam on top of the foundation wall. Next I will frame my walls with 2 x 4 about 1 inch away from foundation wall and install Fiberglass batting in cavities, then drywall without placing a vapor barrier on the interior. The source for this said that i must let the wall "dry to the inside"

To be clear this is how the materials would be placed from the foundation wall out........Concrete, 1.5 EPS Foam, 6 mil Vapor Barrier, Studwall/Batt Insulation, drywall.

My concern is that the EPS is not sufficient to protect the foundation wall from temperature swings and that could lead to moisture forming on the vapor barrier inside the wall cavity, leading to trouble.

Any thoughts, I would really appreciate the input.


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