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tophercole 11-19-2009 09:01 AM

Basement Insulation question
Hi all. I have a question on insulating my basement. I have a basement that is below grade on all four sides. Picture a square cut into 1/4s. I will be leaving 1/4 of it unfinished for furnace and storage. So the finished area will be the 3/4 that form a 'L' shape. I have run framing walls around the perimeter. When I come to the utility room I built a wall that comes in off the perimeter to the center and then a 90 degree turn and back out to the perimeter. This interior utility room wall will not be insulated.

The other walls will be insulated with unfinished batt insulation w a vapor barrier (NJ/town code requires VB). The issue is that one of the basement interior walls is about 3 feet in from the exterior concrete wall. This was due to the sewer pipe and some ductwork hanging below the joists, so I had to put the interior wall about 3' inwards, running about 30 feet. This "area" will be accessible though not used. (Well, maybe, I could store some folding chairs and folding table in it...). How do I insulate this wall?


1. Do I not insulate the wall in question?
2. Do insulate it with batt insulation? If so, do I have to cover the "storage area" side with plastic or something to prevent anyone from touching the insulation if they use the area.
3. Do I not insulate the wall, but maybe use rigid foam insulatation on the concrete wall in that area?
4. Something else?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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