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lovedby2 04-12-2011 01:36 PM

basement help
I posted on the floor discussion, but this is probably where I should have posted first. We have added an addition which gave us three additional rooms below our house. We have an existing one room basement area and now an additional 3 room basement area. The new problems are the concrete floor looks wet when it rains, but doesn't feel wet in the new addition. Most everything is finished except the floors. We don't want to continue until we get the moisture problem figured out. And, we don't know what kind of floor to put down. We have thought about sealing and painting the cement, but don't know what products work, or if this will even solve the problem. We have a large area rug which almost covers the room. The old room problem is, yes, moisture! Go figure. The room banks up to the scuttle hole, which is behind a door in the room. The dirt is dry, but in the summer the room smells musty. The dirt in the scuttle hole never seems wet. The house does sit on a slopped earth, the back of the house being right on the ground. RadonSeal claims they have a product that will seal and paint your cement floor. We are not rich so we have to do the work ourselves, but we don't want to make a mistake so we are researching the steps. We will probably conquer the 3 new rooms first and then the old room because we have to rip up carpet to seal the floor. Needless to say there are several questions I've addressed here. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Ironlight 04-14-2011 08:51 PM

I'm old school and I believe that if you don't eliminate the root cause of moisture making it's way into your basement then any amount of sealing and treatment only delays the inevitable, which is future moisture problems.

Regrading outside, french drains, longer runs for your downspouts, and more are things you can do to address the problem. Personally, I would do work on the outside of the house and then, when the basement was dry after the wettest part of the year, I would feel comfortable sealing the basement wall and floors and then covering them up with walls and flooring. Before you discover and address the cause of the moisture, any construction you do down there is going to in fact make your moisture problem will inhibit air circulation and drying and create an environment for mold, rot, etc.

jasonstrent070 04-14-2011 09:46 PM

Hi, i suggest you ask and expert about it or let someone access he basement conditions and problems. Maybe it is just free of charge or just a little fee for them to access the real problem and possible solution for it. Better to know what really causing it for long time or even forever solution to it.


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