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Richo 09-14-2011 11:28 PM

Basement framing questions
Hello all!

Going to be taking on finishing the basement in the near future. As I'm in the planning stages I have a couple questions.

Some framers put down a PT bottom plate and then place an assembled wall frame on top of it while others use just a single PT bottom plate with the studs nailed right to it. Is one way better than the other or is it just a matter of personal preference?

Where the bathroom is going the duct work hangs below the beam:

The underside of the duct is at 81". With framing and drywall we'll probably be looking at 78" of clearance. A standard door frame requires about an 83" opening. What do you do for a door in this case? Cut a few inches off the bottom and don't let any basketball players use the bathroom?

Thanks for the help :)

Ron6519 09-15-2011 07:00 AM

The framing choice is yours. Before steel framing got so expensive and the new PT wood got so corrosive, I used to install the PT plates to the floor and frame with metal on top.
Before I'd cut the door, I'd look at moving the door to a different locaton, if possible. If there's no other choice, cut it.

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