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Slomarmoreno 10-08-2012 09:44 AM

Basement/Foundation Leakage
Just purchased a house built in 1957. It is a one-floor ranch, brick house.

If you are looking at the house from the backyard. There is a wall on the left which is the kitchen. The roof above it peaked so no gutters above that wall.

After the kitchen wall, the house indents inward and there is a slab of concrete laid for a patio. There is an old flimsy fiberglass roof on the patio. The patio roof looks and is very flimsy.

After the patio, moving right, is another wall for the mater bedroom.

l l
l l
l l
kitchen wall l Patio l Mater bedroom wall
-------------------- -------------------------

The only gutters are around the interior patio.

At the corners of the patio and the kitchen wall and the patio and the bedroom wall there used to be a drainpipes which captured the rain and was drained only about three away from the house around each side of the house and into the front of the house to the street.

l l
l l
l l
kitchen wall l Patio l Mater bedroom wall
-------------------- -------------------------
Old drain system underground

Right before the house was sold, previous owner disconnected old drainpipes and the extended the storm drains about 9 feet away from the house on both sides.

l l
l l
l l
kitchen wall l Patio l Master bedroom wall
-------------------- -------------------------

New drain system moved away

The problem I am having now is that after a long rain, I am getting water in the corner of the patio and the Master bedroom wall. We can get a downpour and I do not get rain water in basement. If it is a long and steady rain, I get water in that corner and sometimes up to about two feet along the bedroom wall.

The basement walls are bone dry. The water is coming in between the walls and basement floor.

I did some grading when we moved in along the kitchen and bedroom wall. At that time I found some of the old, black plastic storm pipe still in the ground and removed it from the old drain pipe site and all along the back of the house. I filled that area in with dirt.

Can I use a sealant along the floor and wall in that area to keep the water out in that corner? Is that just a band-aid for a much bigger problem?

The corner where the water is coming in is covered by soffit and fascia off of the house and the patio roof. Although the patio roof is flimsy, the ground above remains dry during almost all storms, so I do not think it is saturation above ground where it is leaking. It seems to be coming from somewhere else.

I took the garden hose and ran it continuously for 15 minutes into the new downspout thinking that maybe that the new drain was not tied in properly and the water was saturating the ground and running back toward the foundation underground. After running the water into the drain, I received no water in the basement.

Any ideas for a quick and cheap fix for this or is this going to be an expensive endeavor of putting in an external french drain? Will an interior sealant be the answer?

joecaption 10-08-2012 09:49 AM

Going to have to post a picture of that side of the house.

Slomarmoreno 10-08-2012 12:07 PM

Pics of house and old and new drainage sites
5 Attachment(s)
Here are some pics of the back of the house.

The one photo shows the back of the house.

Another photo shows the old and new drain sites. The old drain site is indicated by a plastic yellow toy sword.

There is a picture of new drain tie-in away from the house.

Last picture shows the basement leakage. White basement wall under paneling that was removed was dry. The water is coming between the basement wall and floor.

Slomarmoreno 10-08-2012 06:48 PM

I was thinking MAYBE constant run-off from the side of the patio roof into that area saturates the ground even though it is or was graded less than two months ago.

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