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LOUSY CARPENTER 11-13-2011 10:23 PM

Basement Foundation
I have block walls in my basement. A local basement company some years ago before I lived here put weep holes in the bottom of one wall that the sub pump sat on and also they ran a channel along that wall so water would flow into sub pump. But after time that channel filled with dirt and water would not flow well and channel filled with mold. So I took down the channel and let the water from weep holes flow freely into the sub pump and into basement drain. Ive called back the same local basement company to do something with this and they said they could dig bust up basement floor along the wall and put in drain tile and it would fix the problem. Would it fix the problem?? Looking for help and suggestions.

stadry 11-14-2011 12:06 PM

evidently they used a metal form of ' channel ' - you could cut a slot in the floor leading to the sump but, for best appearance, putting the std 4" ads corrugated hdpe pipe under the floor is the best appearing,,, possibly budget influenced the 1st decision.

it won't ' fix ' the problem of infiltrating water ( nothing does that but exterior wall waterproofing systems ) but it will resolve the water pooling on the floor & cover up the drain holes which were drilled into the various cells.

IF you have more than 1 company in town, it would be prudent to talk to more than just the original guy - good luck !

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