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ControlTech 04-10-2010 07:17 AM

Basement concrete floor repair estimate
I have a one floor ranch style house with a full basement (same footprint as the house but with 7 feet floor-to-bottom of joists) in CT. The walls are concrete block and when I purchased the home (built in 1954) there was a crack in the floor about 18 inches sway from the block wall and the bottom course of block had separated from the second course by about 1 to 1.5 inches. The inspector said that because the broken joint was dry and had shown no signs of water damage, that the condition was probably OK. We got our money back from the inspection company due to other things I found that they missed but that is another story.

Anyway, I am the last house on a dead end street and I have a wetlands area about 50 feet after me that fills with rainwater that runs down the street. The level of water varies but does not look like it reaches what would be the bottom of my concrete slab (damn close sometimes). I have a sump pump that NEVER runs in the center of the floor unless we have really bad rain like last week in the northeast - and that has only happened twice since we owned the house in 9 years. The sump has two levels of holes feeding it but no gaps at the edge of the wall, like a "french drain" type of setup, so my assumption is they are run right out to the edge and out to the outside dirt to keep the foundation blocks dry (???)

My question is, can someone give me an estimate to repair/replace this floor because it has very long cracks in a few areas and it is not level (pitched to the sump, but uneven like if frost heave happened to one side and not the other). Can the floor be "jacked up" and a new floor poured in? What happens to the foundation block at that time?

Also, I plan on replacing the front concrete/block steps with a molded/cast concrete form. Since the area of block separation is where the steps are, could that procedure of pumping in concrete (hydraulic jacking I think) to lift sunken sidewalks be used to lift the lower course of block back up? I believe the damage may have been caused by improper gutter drainage (away from the house).

oh'mike 04-10-2010 07:28 AM

Yes--Someone can give you an estimate!!!

Call a few local concrete/basement water proofing contractors---Get their suggestions and prices.

Prices vary so much by region that no one here could even begin to guess,The same exact work in Manhattan New York--or Manhattan Kansas might well be quite different.--Mike--

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