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DIY_ing_Guy 10-16-2011 04:54 PM

Basement Ceiling
Finally finishing gutting and re-framing my long-delayed basement. I will be doing drywall ceilings, and the last bit is framing to build a soffit-like framework to support a section of ceiling that will be lower than the rest. Overall, ceiling will be 8.5 ft but I have to enclose one area with a lower ceiling height (enclosing an I-beam and suspended ductwork about 3.5 feet apart, and the builder used the space between them as a wide chase for electrical, gas and freon pipes). If I enclose the beam, ductwork and space between with drywall hung just below the beam and duct, I can maintain the required 7' ceiling height. The I-beam and duct are too close together to enclose separately within my area's code, so I have to make the 7' height limit.

My question is about the material for constructing supports for the ceiling drywall. I've read many examples... building a ladder-like structures of 2x4's on the flat (good drywall nailing surface but seems awfully heavy to hang from the joists for a 13' span), others suggest using 2x2's (sounds good to me), one suggested 5/8" OSB with 2x2 nailers on the edges (heavy, too). Is there any guidance in the code? The only relevant thing I can find is the nailing or screw frequency for the drywall.

Any advice? Any pointers to relevant code issues?


woodworkbykirk 10-17-2011 05:45 PM

so you want to frame a dropped ceiling correct.? you can use 2x3's or 2x4's for this, dont worry about the 13' ft span. build the ceiling frame first, create a perimeter board first.then fill in the ceilings joists, but run them the same direction as the floor joists and have them directly under the floor joists.

from there check the new joists for "true" by stringing a dry line from one end to the other of the room, simpy use scrap blocks to fasten to the existing floor joists and then to the ceiling joist, move the ceiling joist up or down to the string line when its dead straight

otherwise you could do a dropped tbar ceiling

DIY_ing_Guy 10-17-2011 06:54 PM

Great, this is nice & clear. Thanks!


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