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Red Squirrel 07-17-2009 06:18 PM

Bad garage foundation
I have a sub crawlspace under my garage that is accessed through my main crawlspace. It was filled with very thick cob webs and I finally got around to work my way through while cleaning them out.

I noticed it is very damp in there and even muddy a bit. The foundation was badly poured and seems to be cracking all along the edges. I can also see outside as one of the bricks is broken. I will be filling it in with cement and fixing it.

Now, I have a bad feeling they never even put a proper moisture barrier around this part of the foundation. I can see one inside on the house's foundation, so to me they kinda treated the garage as a detached garage. Originally that crawlspace was closed in and let to be forgotten about, until they had issues and had to put a heater in there to keep it from cracking in winter. It's less then 6 feet deep so it's in frost zone.

What should I do to ensure this foundation does not degrade further? I want to fix all the cracks and paint in there just to make it cleaner, but what other steps should I take? Should I dig all around and add a moisture barrier? How do those work, and what is the best way to add to existing construction?

I'm hoping the weeping tiles were installed around there as well, what precautions should I take when digging around those?

Gary in WA 07-17-2009 08:19 PM Click on crawlspaces.

Read those, then ask again. I hope they help. Be safe, G

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