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kolya 04-28-2010 11:58 AM

Backyard porch steps in ON
I would like to replace porch steps to the backyard with something more beautiful. Currently I have two concrete steps.
I'd like to build steps using retaining wall blocks 200mm wide, 150mm high and 300mm deep. I need total height about 650mm so it would be three steps and three layers of blocks. The stairs are planned to have width about 1200mm.
The question I've got is how to better implement this considering location: it's in Ontario.
I was able to find several descriptions of similar projects being put on compacted crushed stone (like I was planning to do the same but when I when to get building permit city employee told me that blocks will sink individually into such foundation and all will fall apart in couple of years. He suggested concrete slab.
The house is 7 years old, if this is important.
So, what's better for foundation in my case? Do I really need concrete slab for this? Of so how thick shall it be?
Does it need to be somehow connected to the house?

This is my fist DIY project in the house, I'd really appreciate help. Thanks.

Bellow is an image ti give an idea of what I'd like to have in the end.

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