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gregt848 11-20-2007 02:14 PM

Attic Venting/Insulating Question
Hello Guy's
I am going to try and explain this, hope you understand it without actually seeing it. I will post this in the Insulation and the construction topic because it is a little of both.
What I have is a remodel of the second floor of a Cape Style house. Not your typical standard Cape however. On the Second Floor there are two bedroom (right and Left). There is no usable attic space above the ceilings of the bedrooms, but Running the length of the house, in front of the two bedrooms is a crawl attic space. The side attic space is unheated and I will be insulating the ceiling and walls. I am going to put insulation vent baffles from the soffits into the attic space and then from the top of the bedroom wall to the ridge vent. Will that be sufficient or do I need to run the baffles all the way up and connect the two? Or will the air be pulled up? Are you following me? Anything else I need to do.. Thanks Again

troubleseeker 11-25-2007 02:33 PM

If I understand the conditions correctly, which I'm not too sure of, there is no need for the baffle to be continuous where the rafter bay is open. The purpose of the baffles is to prevent the insulation from obstructing an air passage when insulation is put in a roof where the ceiling is applied directly to the bottom of the rafters. As long as the ends of the baffles remain unobstructed, they air wil flow.

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