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the_watcher87 12-27-2007 08:22 AM

Attic renovation
I recently got a house and I want to convert the attic into a home cinema. The only thing that is holding me back at the minute is the way the truss' are.

as you can see for me to convert attic i need to get rid of that middle piece of wood before anything happens. i know nothing about construction but in my mind this is what i need to do

does anyone know if what I am thinking is possible?

heres a couple of other pics taken from the hatch. Sorry they arent straight or anything and the rubbish etc thats up there is from previous resident.

Please tell me some good news. Maybe the way I have thought this all out could be wrong but if there is a way can anyone tell me?

Many thanks


ponch37300 12-27-2007 09:28 AM

It most likely can be done but will take alot of work and knowledge. If you don't have any construction knowledge like stated i would suggest hiring an engineer to tell you how to do this. Another thing you need to check is the size, spacing, and length of the attic floor joists to make sure theycan support all this weight. If this was my house, depending on span i would like 2x10's for floor joists and then you could build a knee wall to support the truss webbing you are removing. You are going to be adding alot of weight up there and this isn't something you just want to guess on and hope it will support everything.

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