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zacker 07-14-2010 07:18 AM

Attic insulation and soffit venting
I am not sure if this is the right spot for this but I have a couple questions.

First, my home is a cottage built in 1939 and Im pretty sure that all the original house has no insulation in the walls.. well, some of it, the previous owner did tear out some of the plaster walls and replaced the windows and doors and then used dry wall.. so im reasonably sure he used insulation in all the parts with new windows and doors and wall board.

The newer parts are insulated however.

My main concern is the roof. I was checking for leaks last night in a driving downpour (found a few) and also noticed some mold growing on the underside of the roof.. looking for info I found out it is due to poor attic ventilation and insulating..
there is no insulation up there, well, there is 11/4 inch white foam board laid down on the plywood floor but I suspect its doing nothing at all... lol
There is no insulation on the ceiling.. but looking at the huge stacks of foam board insulation cut into long strait pieces and others cut at odd angles, I suspect someone did try to use it to insulate the walls and ceilings.. then realized how bad it was and removed it.

I have two large gable vents on the main house, across from eachother, maybe 24-28 feet apart.. the newer part for some odd reason has a window!! :eek:

there is no ridge vent or other type of roofing vents at all..
also,there is no soffit venting at all, in fact, the soffits are open outside meaning the roofs rafters extend about 1 foot from the walls of the house and each "Bay" is sealed with a board and fancy moulding.. it looks nice and if so, id like to not have to make a vented soffit out of it and seal it off losing that great detailing..

So, if I remove the plywood and foam board, insulate the floor with rolled out batting with the reccomended R-values for my area and add more vents, will this suffice? if so, what type of venting is best?

Ridge vents??

Roofing vents? if so,What type?
Square airscoop style?
Those crazy, spinning Chef Hat looking ones?
Maybe add a power fan at each gable vent or in the roof its self?

Also, should I remove the plywood flooring or just roll out the insul over it?

can I lift the flooring, insulate under it, lay the wood back down and be ok or should I roll more insul out over the wood? I'd like to still be able to use part of the attic for storage cause there are only three small closets and no storage.

Should I insulate the walls? (Gable ends)

The house is "L" shaped with a gable vent at each end of the main house (directly opposite of each other) and a window on the end of the "L".. (it has a screen soI can open it.. )

Gary in WA 07-15-2010 10:17 PM

At least 10 questions there...... Start with a few pictures of the attic, thank you.

Be safe, Gary

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