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nickf829 02-25-2011 12:12 PM

Attaching a pergola to a home and deck.
I am planning on building a pergola and attaching it to a house and deck. I have a few concerns.


House: Vinyl sided single story with 10.5” of space between top of sliding glass door and soffit.
Existing deck: 12’x10’, 2x8 Rim/Band joists, 2x6 floor joists 16”OC, Mounted to house via ledger board and resting on 2 4x4 posts set at either corner

Planned Pergola:
Size = 12’x10’
Ledger (1) = 2x10
Beams (4) = 2x10
Rafters (9) = 2x8
Battens (20) = 2x4
Posts (2) = 4x4

Ledger:2x10 hung above sliding glass door and under soffit. Only 10.5” of vertical space exists here, will a 2x10 be to much here?

Posts: Attach 4x4 posts (2 posts total) inside both corners by running carriage bolts through rim and band joists, through the posts. Rather than reinforcing the deck by doubling up on the band joist(which would set the post 3” in from outer edge of deck, what I am trying to avoid), is it safe to just use blocking between the band and floor joists on the backside of post to strengthen?

Beams: Parallel 2x10s hung from ledger board with joist hangers extending out to each post, resulting in a 2x10 on either side of each post (NOTE: This results in the beams being hung perpendicular to house, not from post to post parallel to house which is the more traditional way, and instead of gluing/screwing 2 2x10s together to create a solid beam and mounting beam on top of post, I have individual 2x10s attached to either side of post). This results in only 2 posts, with a 2x10 on either side of either post. Will this be strong enough to withstand 9 rafters? I think so, I just want other opinions. Also, is there any reason I couldn’t notch each of the 4 ‘beams’ 1.5”x.75” every 12”?

Rafters: Nine 2x8’s run at 12”OC parallel to house, with the first one mounted 1.5“ from edge of soffit. Rafters notched 1.5”x.75” to sit in notches on beams to minimize any bowing from the bottom.

Battens: 2x4’s run perpendicular to house, spaced evenly apart. This is for aesthetics only, and hopefully to keep tops of rafters from bowing in or out over time.

1. Will mounting the 4x4s to the inside of deck rim/band joist and reinforcing with a 2x8 blocking against the back side of post be strong enough to support the pergola?
2. Will the existing 4x4s that the rim joist is set on be strong enough to handle this additional weight/stress?
3. Will a 10.5” space between top of sliding glass door and bottom of soffit be enough to hang a 2x10 ledger board? It will fit, but is their anything I need to be conscious of before I squeeze it in?
4. Will hanging 2 beams from either side of a 4x4 and running it to ledger(resulting in being perpendicular to house) be enough to support the weight of the rafters and battens?
5. Can I extend the 4 2x10 beams 24” beyond the post without issue, or should I cut it back to 18”?
6. Can I notch the tops of the 4 2x10 beams to give the rafters a place to sit?
7. Can I notch the bottom of the rafters to create a solid joint between rafter and beam?
Thanks for any help. Opinions are welcomed also.

pjordan4477 03-15-2011 01:20 PM

I have the same question, but I would like to here more info:

How tall is your deck from the ground?

Do you plan on all 4 pergola posts to be attached to the deck top?

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