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soupdizzle 07-02-2008 07:37 PM

attaching joists to ledger for pergola question
first time poster, just joined the site recently. i have an issue with a pergola i am about to build and thought maybe someone could give me some help or even just another perspective. i have built a deck at the back of our house. i have two posts that are approx 12' from the house that i plan to use for the pergola. these post are set and the deck is build around them. the ledger for the pergola will be attached to brick. 2x6 's for the joists. the issue im having is trying to figure out a relatively easy,as in one or two person, way to attch the joists to the ledger. i really dont like the look of exposed joist hangers. attaching the joists to the ledger from behind and then placing the ledger requires more man power than available. i was entertaining the idea of somehow notching out the ledger for each individual joist and having them rest in place along with a couple screws. is this a good idea? has anybody done this before? how should i go about tackling this project? any feedback would be greatly appreciated as i am now at a lost at what to do. thank you in advance

Termite 07-02-2008 10:32 PM

You posted the same question in the carpentry section. I answered, check there.

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