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grpie 02-22-2012 11:59 PM

Attaching gable porch roof to split level wall
Hi everyone I'm new here. I've searched & searched and haven't found an answer to my dilemma. I need to build a small gable roof (5x9) over a porch on a split-level. The roof will be attached well under the house roof on the exterior wall & supported on the outside corners by 8" columns. My question is how to properly attach it to the wall. I think I have the right idea in mind but I would love to have some more expert advice on the subject as well as the best way to cut away the vinyl siding, sealing it to the house, etc. Thanks in advance!

titanoman 02-23-2012 04:28 AM

Remove vinyl.
Pops off easily.
Cut pockets in wall for rafter beams.
Somehow gain support for beams within wall.
Install beams.
Nail a rafter to the wall.
Nail a ridge to that rafter, supporting opposite end with leg or pair of rafters.
Nail opposite rafter to wall.
Stack remaining rafters.
Shingle and step-flash.
Replace vinyl with j-channel or whatever you call the vinyl trim that follows the roof line.

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