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wolderiii 08-26-2011 10:02 AM

asphalt/concrete joints and a channel drain
I'm in Ohio and have recently cut out 3' by 20' of asphalt in front of my garage's concrete apron. i am installing a channel drain and have a few questions before i go to pour the concrete.
1) what type of expansion joints do i use where the poured concrete will meet the existing asphalt driveway?
2) what type of expansions joints do i use where the poured concrete will meet the existing concrete apron?
3) the concrete will meet the brick and foundation concrete of the house for about 18" on one side of the pour. should i use the quikrete expansion joint strips that are sold at lowes for this? should i use these strips where the new pour will meet the old concrete and asphalt driveway (questions 1 and 2)?
4) as all 4 sides of the pour will be against existing driveway/apron/house i was not planning on building any forms for the new concrete pour. is this ok?
5) i have dug 8-9" down from existing driveway height and filled with 4" of gravel, this will leave a concrete pour of 4-5" depending. the ground was tamped with 17# tamper and then the gravel(limestone 57 mix) was poured in 2" thick, tamped, and then another 2" poured and then tamped. is this good?
6) i have bought 10' sections of 1/2 rebar and placed about 18" apart running parallel, then used 24" rebar on top and tied them in every 2 feet. is this sufficient? the rebar will sit in the middle of the new pour of concrete. i didn't run it the full 3 foot of the cut because the channel drain will sit in and take up the other space.
7) i'm planning on having a company truck in the concrete, when they pour it how do i keep the channel drain in place? i imagine the concrete coming up from underneath and trying to push it up and out. should i place some bricks in the channel to keep it in place? any thoughts on this?

i feel pretty confident with the prep work done so far (gravel, rebar, etc). my biggest questions are in the joints i need to use where the new pour will come in contact with the existing driveway and apron. the way i envision the pour is using the existing driveway/apron as the form so if this is the correct way to do it, would i just follow the outline of the form and cut joints into the new pour? and obviously i need to cut a joint in the 20' length, i was going to cut one there at 10'.

let me know if i'm going about this correctly.

thanks for your time and expertise!

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