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Dustin07 11-21-2005 06:37 PM

Architect, Engineer, Draftsman... help!
Well my planned add-on is pretty simple. it is literally going to be a box on top of a box. 20' out, 32' wide, as open as possible downstairs, 2-3 bedrooms/bathrooms upstairs.

the difficult part? tying the rooflines together in a way that looks good and doesn't scream "Hey Look at me, I'm an Add-on to a 1920 original!" haha. not that the 1920 is really that important, it's only 600sq feet!

Thing is, I really don't know how creative I can get until I get a quote from a contractor, and none of the contractors even want to talk until I can provide them with drawings. Which don't really make sense to invest into until I know how creative I can get!

it's an ugly circle. and with the square foot estimates ranging from $80-150 I really don't know what I can afford... I mean, I know how many dollars I want to spend, and how many I can (already have financing FINISHED!)......

Any suggestions? I'm in the Seattle area (south by 30-40 miles) incase you happen to know someone :)

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