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jcims 09-07-2010 12:46 PM

Any suggestions on rail for a Timbertech XLM deck?
Hope this isn't a tired topic, I didn't see anything directly after a few searches.

I'm losing confidence in my plans to use TimberTech RadianceRail for my deck. Partly because I haven't been impressed with two installs I've seen so far (a bit weak and a bit wobbly) and partly because I feel like it's not a good value (nearly $4K for 90' of railing by the time you get all the rails, balusters, post covers, etc).

I could be off base, maybe the installs were bad, or the prices I've seen were not competitive, or my expectations aren't realistic. I'm just looking for input.

I think i'd be best served metallic/matte finish on the rails and posts, as the decking is going to be 'RiverRock', which is a light gray color, and XLM doesn't have a terribly natural 'wood' finish. I like the thinnish metal balusters (the Fortress Iron 'Mega' balusters are probably my favorite) but other than that don't have much in terms of requirements.

Any suggestions folks?


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