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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

You may want to give them the URL for this thread and let them see it.
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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

Wow. I am speechless with how badly things have gone.

Ok, so, here is the update. The company very reluctantly offered a $300 discount (on a bill of $6285, with the windows being 10 weeks late - to this point). I responded - would they personally consider that reasonable, if they were in my position, with something they are purchasing for $6285 being 10 weeks late, and that lateness costing them a couple thousand dollars in additional labor costs? They upped their offer to a whopping $400.

Just wanting this to be done with, I agreed, and the windows were delivered on Friday. On a pickup truck. Laying flat in the pickup truck - which you are NOT supposed to do. I only had a few minutes to check them over when they were delivered, since I had to get back to work. So I gave them a check for the remainder of the bill. When I checked them out yesterday, I discovered:

1. While I had ordered and paid for 7 double-hung windows and one picture window, they only delivered 6 double-hungs and one picture window. Their invoice even only lists 6 double-hungs. Apparently they once again screwed up the order, only having the window company make 6 windows.

2. I specifically asked for full screens on the double-hungs, which the contract I signed clearly specifies. The double-hungs all have half-screens.

3. Because of being shipped laying flat in the bed of a pickup (with some straddling the rails of the pickup bed), two have broken nailing flanges, and on one of the double-hungs, there are at least two clearly broken parts: the screws that hold one of the locks to the lower sash ripped out of the sash frame, breaking the edge of the sash in the process. Also, one of the components you use to tilt the window in is snapped in half.

The first and third items: They again completely screwed up the order, such that even if all the windows arrived in good condition, I'd still have to wait for another window to be made and shipped before I can install drywall, siding, etc - which would likely not be until after THanksgiving - more than 5 months after ordering the windows initially.

I need to check with the window manufacturer (Inline), but I think the way New England Window Systems delivered the windows (laying flat) may have voided the warranty on all of the windows. One of the windows is not functional as-is - at best, it may only need the lower sash and a few small pieces replaced. At worst, it is a complete loss. What really worries me is that if the stress from being shipped this way was enough to do that much damage to some of the windows, is there additional damage that I can't see. If I install these windows, will I end up finding that they leak like a sieve, and have to all be replaced? So, at this point, I just want my money back if possible, so I can buy windows from someone else. They can come take these windows back.

I stopped payment on the check yesterday, since the company has once again breached their part of the deal. Their only task in this deal was to properly convey my order to Inline, and make sure the windows got to me in good condition. They have repeatedly screwed up on the first task, and their method of getting the windows to me broke at least one of the windows, and may have voided the warranty on all of them.

I'll keep everyone informed of how this turns out. At this point, my advice to anyone considering windows is to stay far, far away from New England Window Systems.

I'll be filing a complaint with the BBB.
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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

I'm sorry, but this baffles me.
You waited sooo... long for these windows, but when they finally arrive, you're too busy to even check they're number, type and condition.
And now you write multiple paragraghs about the experience.
Just amazing.
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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

Even a quick review would have indicated they were incorrect & you should have refused delivery
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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

Originally Posted by Scuba_Dave View Post
Even a quick review would have indicated they were incorrect & you should have refused delivery
Yes, I should have noticed right away that there were only 6. Unfortunately, I was focused on getting back to work (part of the reason I ordered them way back in June was so that they would arrive in July or early August, when it is easy for me to take time off. Right now, my schedule is very busy, so I barely had time to get home for the delivery - no time to check them over carefully).

I had a contractor friend of mine come check them over more thoroughly, and he noticed that actually two of them are broken (a second one had the screws rip out of the bottom of the upper sash. On this one the sash didn't break, but since the screws ripped out, IMO the sash needs to be replaced).

Again, yes, I should have inspected the windows more carefully. Unfortunately, I had to get back to work very quickly, so I did not have time to inspect them much, and in my haste didn't even check to ensure that the number was right.
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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

Ok, after talking with both Inline and NEWS, I am feeling much better. NEWS is going to accept responsibility for replacing the broken sashes and anything else that needs to be replaced, and get the missing window made and out to me ASAP. They also agreed to send out a rep to inspect the windows to determine exactly what needs to be fixed.

Still need to wait and see exactly how it turns out, but it looks like they are going to "make it right" (to borrow Mike Holmes phrase).
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Any restitution for VERY late windows?

Unfortunately, this company has little to lose as a result of alienating a one-time customer.

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