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DaveLangdon 02-29-2008 10:06 AM

Any advice on who to choose for windows?
Hello there everyone :) First time house owner, moved in and I've got everything down except for windows, never really learnt how to install them properly so I wanted to go professional. I used to have a friend who worked in a window company called Anglian who was going to do it for me but sadly we're not in contact anymore. However I still have a link to their windows page that he gave me and they seem to look pretty good. Has anyone used these guys? Do they do a good job? quick? don't want too many cups of tea? :)

Thanks a lot,

Dave L

upvcnow 03-04-2008 07:17 AM

Think a little different
Anglian are a very well known name in the window industry they do a huge amount of retail work. I've heard good things and bad things about them.

Have you looked at trying a different avenue that will save you a huge amount compared to anglian, but deliver a high quality window with a fitting service?

Have a look at

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