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rightit 03-06-2011 09:14 PM

In Progress...

I’m new to the forum and well into my project. I’m happy to find such a well-supported source of information. The attached images show my progress. Obviously, I’m converting my garage into living space (an office). This ‘garage’ was originally a carport, which the previous owner of the house closed in, bricked and installed the automatic garage door (I removed the lift components).

This is a permitted job in southeastern U.S. and I am doing the majority of work myself. Thus far, I have removed the brick from the right wall (living space), removed the existing ceiling, installed ceiling joists at living space height (top is decked for attic space), had underground plumbing installed for a bathroom (behind camera) formed, re-meshed, re-barred and bead-boarded for concrete (raised floor 5 inches), had concrete poured, installed a separate central air system (ducts not penetrating space yet) and various other tasks. I have not removed the garage door yet so as to allow easy access for materials. It will be walled in with a window and bricked with the brick I pulled off the right outer wall (mentioned below).

My current phase is furring out and staggering the walls to make them straight, plum and ‘soundproof’. As you can see, the (outer) wall on the left has been finished. It has a header. The original carport posts were removed by the previous owner. I installed new steel support posts so that I could cut the wall up and pour the concrete (The outside is bricked, so kept the original studs to retain brick clips). A bit tedious, but done (I left vertical supports around window out for the moment). I planned on using the same method on the wall to the right (living space wall). This wall is to be done solely for soundproofing.

At any rate, this post is mainly to introduce myself and create a linkable post with images and deatils for future reference. I’ve run into some issues regarding the wall on right (living space) that I may need help with.

Thanks for taking the time to read, and I appreciate all the advice ‘flying’ around here. If there are too many images in this post, my apologies, and I'll remove them if necessary.

Gary in WA 03-07-2011 12:27 AM

Welcome to the forum! Moving your post to "B&C" for you, here it's just a "hello"....


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