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wbeannn 11-06-2008 10:48 AM

Aluminum fascia
I am a contractor who has a customer that doesn't understand the principles of aluminum fascia. We installed it on Tuesday --they said it looked great. On Wednesday there are small waves in the fascia. They have had us replace some of the metal three times. Every time the homeowner says it looks great --the next day they want it replaced again. They have a father who installed aluminum fascia on two houses and considers himself an expert. Between me and my foreman we have over 45 years experience. I have never had a situation so frustrating. Can someone please help me explain to these customers about aluminum fascia. Thankn you

Rkeytek 11-06-2008 11:26 AM

Haha there is always a family member that is an "expert", yet they are still paying us for those services! go figure!

Whats the weather like when your applying the fascia? to cold and the facia will buckle a little when it heats up.

Are they going to install gutters over the fascia?

wbeannn 11-06-2008 11:38 AM

It's cool here not to cold. The customer wanted aluminum and we couldn't talk them out of it.

Wildie 11-06-2008 07:06 PM

When aluminum siding is installed it comes with nailing slots. It is loosely nailed to allow the siding to slide back and forth in the slot. Otherwise, the siding would buckle also.
So, what is the solution? Slots, similar to what is found on siding would work, but would be hard to make.
Perhaps a punch, similar to a paper punch could be manufactured. Maybe they are already available!

Does anybody know?

wrangler 11-07-2008 06:15 AM

What we always did was to start the nail, then 'waller' it out to slightly enlarge the hole in the aluminum, then finish nailing it in, but not till it hits the wood, thus giving it just a slight bit of movement to allow for expansion and contraction. I also have found that using the least amount of nails as possible. Are you bending your own metal? If so, make sure your brake is adjusted properly or it will tend to wave regardless of how it is applied.

buletbob 11-07-2008 06:26 AM

it would seem to me that your existing fascia has a bow or a sag to it. that's why you see the wrinkles in the alum. when ever you try to fit alum over something that's not straight or bowed you will always have this condition. explain this to the owner.and if they still don,t want it fixed then charge them for the repair of the existing fascia. could you post a picture so we all could see? BOB

Maintenance 6 11-07-2008 06:42 AM

Malco makes an aluminum slot punch (NHP-1). Next piece, fasten up with slotted holes so it can creep when the sun hits it. Dark fascia is worse than light colors. Usually after a few cycles of heating/cooling the nail holes work themselves into slots and the problem takes care of itself.

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