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Dragon 01-05-2007 01:52 PM

Aluminum Door sill and Concrete
I am looking for advice regarding imbeding an aluminum door sill in concrete. The front door and Garage door of my new house are intended to be handicap accesible with no step up to them.

The door sill has an extruded piece of aluminum that comes out and them wraps under, making a kind of toe kick. A very typical set up on a door that you would normally step up to.

However since I want the exterior porch and garage floors to be flush with the interior floors, that piece of aluminum will be buried/imbeded in the concrete when it is poured.

My initial Google searches indicate that this may not be what I want to do as this may cause corrosion in the aluminum. This is in WI and it will also be getting wet and probably have sidewalk salt tracked on it aggravting the corrosion problem.

Any recomendations on how to handle this situation?

Thanks for your input.

concretemasonry 01-05-2007 03:31 PM

Aluminum Door sill and Concrete
There are specialized door sweeps that retract and can provide a good seal to most any type of sill.

I have seen similar units for indoor use and noise control (sound and privacy). The sweep is lowered when the door is closed. Probably no cheap, but it could be a good, smooth solution for limited access.

You may want to look for a low profile sill that is make from a material compatible with the concrete (steel, marble, etc.) and suitable for your climate exposure.

NHBuilder 01-06-2007 12:55 PM

DEFINITELY don't embed alluminum in concrete. The sill will not last long at all. Alluminum will corrode very fast when exposed to concrete. I would suggest trying to find a different manufacturer that uses either steel or some type of figerglass composite.

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