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Advice:Pouring Concrete Patio

I wasn't sure where to put this but I figured here would be a good start. I have an existing concrete patio that I am going to extend. I know how to form it up, do all the prep, and I'm going to have some one with some experience help finish it. Here is the dilema I need some advice on.

Hopefully you can picture this...the existing patio was poured in 2 sections with a seam running lengthwise. There is a 10' wide by 30' section, running parallel to it there is a 10' wide by 20' section. My goal is to fill in the empty 10' by 10' area (used to be a hot tub there) to make the entire patio a large rectangle. Finished patio would essentially be 20' wide by 30' long.

The problem is where the existing 10' by 20' section will meet the new slab. It has settled about a 1/2 inch at this end, so if I pour the new slab level to the 10' by 30' section there will be a ridge running perpendicular that is a 1/2 inch higher then that part.

Sorry to be long winded, but the question really is (with the proper prep) can I "feather" new concrete over the existing to bring it all up even? I would only be required to feather it back about 5', at that point it has not settled at all.

I live in Florida so I do not have to worry about any freezing issues, and all this really will be is a substrate to do thin pavers, tile or whatever down the road.

Thanks in advance for any ideas/suggestions.


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Depending upon how finished a look you want, there are several options. You could indeed use a patching material to feather that 5' up to the 20' line. This would be done seperate and prior to the pouring of the new section. The downside is that the patching material is a very different color of the existing and what you want to pour. It is also somewhat expensive.

Another option would be to sawcut the patio into 5x5 sections to 1/4 or 3/8" depth. You would then remove the sunken section, and pour the remaining. That would be the best looking, but also involve more work and debris removal.


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The removal and repour is an option I hadn't thought of (probablyfor good reason...!) I had a feeling you would want some sort of patching compound instead of just using regular concrete.
I also forgot to mention that the existing has been painted with a fake tile look. So matching is not a big deal as it won't already.
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Sand Mix

If you opt for the feathered approach, consider using a product like "Quickcrete's Sand Mix" instead of a concrete patch. The sand mix can be reinforced with a latex "fortifier" available in a quart or gallon jug.

Before you mix the mud, you need to remove most all of the paint, dirt grease weeds etc from the area you plan to apply it too.

Recipie from the Quickcrete tech: Mix 1 quart water to 2 quarts fortifier per 60 lb bag. Be sure to stir these together before adding to the sand mix. Once mixed, dampen the old surface enough(no standing water) to pervent it from sucking up the surface moisture through the new mud/sand mix. This helps create a better bond between old and new.

You can create a thickness from a 1/16" up to 1" without the mix loosing stength. In fact the sand mix is technically stronger/denser than the other concrete mixes per square inch.
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