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794613 10-29-2008 12:50 PM

Advice on closed cell/open cell spray in insulation
Hello, I've been lurking around diychatroom for a few months now and have a question that I'd like some assistance with. I'm in the process of buying a house (closing within 2 weeks or so) and I'm looking for help with choices for insulation throughout the house. The house is roughly a 670sq. ft. single story home with a full basement and a gable roof. The basement will be finished and I'm looking to use the attic floor as additional storage. The basement walls have already been framed out and spaced roughly 1" away from the concrete block walls of the basement. I'm trying to keep the basement as sealed as possible and I was thinking that having closed cell foam insulation sprayed in would be the way to go. As I understand it, this takes care of my need for a vapor barrier on the walls of the basement. As for the attic, what I would like to do if possible is use a spray foam insulation in the rafters of the attic against the plywood and between the studs in place of normal paper faced or blown in insulation in the attic floor, or even in addition to if it would be beneficial at all. I'm trying to get away with not having 16" or so of uncompressed insulation in the attic if possible. I would like various opinions on these ideas.

Thank you,
- Jim

poolecw 10-29-2008 03:57 PM

Closed cell spray foam all the way! Just had it done in my 3500 Sqft new home. In the attic, spray the bottom of the roof deck. Open cell absorbs water and it doesn't add rigidity (its still better than batts though)

794613 10-31-2008 07:56 AM

From what I've read I understand that closed cell is the way to go for the basement, however I've been reading that open cell should be used for the roof deck so if there is a leak on the roof the water won't rot out the plywood sheeting right away. Does this sound correct? I'm also giving serious thought to having the main floor walls done also. Might I ask what the price ran you (was it recently) and what location you are in? The house I am going to have this done in is only 28x24' (670 sq. ft.) per floor. It's a single story house with a basement and a gable roof. What product did you have sprayed also?

Thank you,
- Jim

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