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I, too, am wanting to add addition to existing room. It would be two story addition, tying into roofline. Addition would be 18'x30', on concrete slab with radiant heat first floor. There will be electric to code, some windows, no plumbing, no doors, cedar siding, finished interior walls and floors. The quote I got was "somewhere" between 80k-100K. I am upstate NY,near Poughkeepsie. This did not include building permit or plans. EEEK.
Maybe I should just redecorate?


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I am upstate NY,near Poughkeepsie. quote]

Upstate You're "up-city" maybe... the state is MUCH much bigger than the city! You're 230 miles SOUTH of me! I know I know, that's just what they say down there... but it drives us crazy up here!

Unfortunately the state forgets about us too and we end up paying taxes for all of the NYC medicare system, roads, etc.

OK, sorry... back on topic about this thread. $20/sqft off the top of my head seems pretty good for a shell (labor only) so even if it's double down there... hmmm? now plans... I just did addition plans for a similarly sized addition, removal of deck roof and patio doors, tie in two roofs all on an SIP house for $1k, rendered color views before and after for the guys wife (which entailed drawing almost all of the house), sized windows, new chimney for fireplace, elevations for the town, stick built roof plan and also specs to have trusses quoted, stamped NYS for another $150 with required energy audit. I used the rendered views to get the job, it was like a free estimate. But I had invested two site visits; one for the "look see" and plan and a second for more detailed elevation measurements and I was also given a set of original house plans.

With distance planning for additions is more difficult, it can be done. Lots of communication, existing house plans and accurate measurements must be had. If you guys cant find anyone close or are willing to sacrifice some time to save some money let me know if I can help.
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The original price quoted you IS reasonable. You can always find cheaper but there is usually a cost associated with going the cheaper route.

My company is currently building an 370sf addition is SE Washington Dc, and we have many years experience in building in Baltimore: Please believe that it is more expensive building in DC.
Anyone who tells you that construction cost are only calculated in Labor and Material terms is over simplifyingthe business. My recommendation is that quality, contractor honesty and competence should be of primary importance....remember everything else is negotiable.

If you decide to GC the project yourself you will then truly know have much additions cost to build...just remember to put a value on your time too.
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UKCON, of course those prices sound good, they're from five years ago!

Welcome to the forum! A lot of people will search old threads if they have a similar problem, so adding to an old thread is not necessarily a bad idea. Just keep in mind the original poster may have already resolved his/her question, or have disappeared from sight.
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I'm in a different geographic area, but according to our permit files, here are the 5 most recent addition permits and their permitted costs in my database:

981sqft, $74K
765sqft, $60K
750sqft, $26K
608sqft, $41,800
560sqft, $72,947

You can see that list really isn't super-helpful, since we don't know materials used or pre-existing conditions. It does show that $70-$80 sqft is about the going rate, with $130 on the high end. People can also lie about the costs, to keep the permit cost down, as the permit cost is 0.5% of the improvement.
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Originally Posted by joasis View Post
Sounds very high to me...I think I would explore a few more bids before buying into that expense...I don't care how many people say costs are in line for a given area, but material costs DO NOT vary that much across the country. Unless framers and others are making 200% more then a lower market, there is no reason for a small shell to cost more then a finished custom home..anywhere.

Aftwer talking with other GC's across the land and following many forums on building costs, it seems the market labor and land costs (lots) are the primary reason for seeing skyrocketing home prices. I can build and sell a 1200 sq ft home here for 95k, but the lot only cost me $3000...same home in OKC, 145k....

I used to live in Rockville, Md., and I wonder what 2x4's cost there now compared to what i am paying for them?
Real estate pricing has nothing to do with material costs, it's mainly features and location. i.e. a House overlooking Puget Sound in Everett, will run you about $150k for a 1200 square foot home. Same house up in Stanwood overlooking puget sound with a view of the islands and overcast of the sun, will run you $300,000

Or you can go into Monroe, have no view of anything, and same house will cost $100,000. Or up in Sedro-Woolley, same house will run you about $85,000.

Assuming the land is the same for each (size of yard) same floor plans, everything.

DO not at anytime assume custom homes are cheaper than renovations, when there are far too many factors that determine the price of a home on a real estate market that veries every 10 miles. LIterally.

Also, if you're in a neighborhood, all the houses are $300,000 houses, one of your neighbors sells their house for $250,000. That neighbor devalued your home $50,000, meaning when you go to sell your home, or buy a brand new home in the same neighborhood, and it has the same floor plan, that home cannot exceed $250,000 because its value has been declined because of the neighbors.

Real Estate is a big family biz in my family.

That said, regarding the cost of $125 to $150 psf, in my area, you're talking $250 to $300 per square foot for an addition.

What also factors into the price, is manpower (how many employees) timelines, materials (to include how long it will take to get them, how much materials will cost, what type of materials, etc) and code conformaties (recepticle every 12 feet, etc) and then how much that person is paying each member of his/her crew etc. etc. etc.

Overall, $125 to $150 is a steal.

But do not EVER compare a homes cost to remodel vs buying new, nor EVER compare home values, when home values DRASTICALLY change every 10 miles. Is there a gas line by the house? is it by a highway? is it by a city access point? is it in the boonies? is there water nearby? does it have septic? sewer? what kind of siding does it have? does it have a swimming pool? what size garage? how many rooms? what kind of light features does it have? deck? how big? what shape? built in barbecue? how big? does it work? does it look nice?

Too many factors to discuss on the internet.


I will agree, you DO need to get multiple bids, you should always get at least THREE bids minimum. Also, consider costs of having inspectors come in to check the work. etc.

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