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ncpaladin 02-21-2010 12:15 PM

Adding a roof over deck/patio, close to septic tank
Here's my situation- we have a house with a septic system (we are in Kentucky.) The house was built with a 10' x 10' deck off the back of the house. The back faces southwest. The septic tank is located off the back of the house (12' from the house to the edge of the tank, and while the deck is only 10' long, it is only 3' from the tank in a side to side direction- thus the nearest deck post is about 4' from the nearest corner of the tank.)

We would like to enlarge the deck, or do a partial deck/patio build. We want to add a roof over part of the deck/patio that would be coming off the main roof of the house. Obviously, the roof would need posts set to hold it up. And while we would enlarge the deck/patio in the two directions away from the tank, how far must the closest post be away from the tank?

Was the builder of the house within the law when he sunk a 4x4 post for a deck corner so close to the tank?

Is the deck considered a "structure" when it has no cover (roof?)

From what I've asked of the county planner in the past, structures must be at least 10' from the tank. Does a 6x6 post for the deck roof count?

If I keep the posts 10' from the tank, and the roof can cantilever the remaining distance (although not covering the tank area) would that be OK?
Or would the inspector still look at the roof itself for the structure distance?

Thanks for any info. This will help us plan this out.

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