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1parkpointer 12-08-2008 06:13 AM

Adding a roof over a bulkhead?
Our home was designed by someone who knew very little about rain and snow melt. Reason being, the bulkhead access to the basement is not on the gable end of our two-story gambrel (mansard style roof), rather, it is under the drip edge of the roof. Every time it rains basement access to the outside is hampered by excessive rain coming off the roof. Winter brings additional problems with snow build up on the bulkhead doors and melting snow then dripping over the snow onto the bulkhead doors, making outside access difficult at best. I end up with an ice dam on the ground just ahead of the door that is really hard to keep clean of ice/snow.
Prior to the economic times, we had plans to build a wrap-around roof & porch combo that would have addressed the problem. Unfortunately, cut backs have the idea on hold indefinitely.
My short term fix seems to be putting some sort of extension roof to the existing roof to shelter over the bulkhead. The soffit is around 11-feet from the ground. The bulkhead has a 2-foot extension and then a regular 2-door 'Bilco' bulkhead attached to it. The soffit overhang (bottom of a truss that make the shape of the roof, from the log wall goes out 2-feet 9-inches.
I don't know what would be least expensive to build, a shed roof or a peak roof? I suspect either would have to be about 10 feet wide and an appropriate distance from the side of the house to cover slightly beyond the door opening. I would like to be able to have easier access to the basement year-round. I realize that any design roof would need to be supported with a series of posts, so help there would also be welcome.

Marvin Gardens 12-08-2008 09:24 AM

Do you have pictures? That is always helpful.

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