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jonnybear 07-05-2008 06:22 AM

Adding a mudroom/front entrance
Hello everyone,
I am looking to put a portico / mudroom entrance to the front of my 1940's bungalow in Toronto, Canada. Winters are are tough so we want to put an enclosed area. I'm handy and do a lot on the house, but feel this is beyond my skill level. Where do I start? Finding an architect or can a contractor handle this without an architect's plans? Sorry for the novice question.

buletbob 07-05-2008 12:05 PM

I would strongly suggest hiring the services of the architect, More then likely you will need a building permit for this project, Here any type of structure that is attached to the house must obtain a building permit,
survey of the property, three set of plains signed and stamped by a licensed engineer or architect.
This way you will see what the project will look like before its constructed. its easier to make changes at this point then half way through the construction phase. Plus you will be able to submit the plains out for bids , and get quotes on apples to apples. not apples to orange
I will not bid or build anything with out a copy of the plans that the owner has submitted to me.

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