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bainer1290 01-26-2011 09:31 AM

Adding Master Bath - layout ideas
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My wife and I love our house but the one thing it is missing is a master bath. We have come up with the attached design to add a master bath but need wanted to ask if anyone had any layour suggestions. Sorry the drawings are not perfectly to scale... We don't have enough room to make a large master bath as we want to keep the 3 bedrooms, but we can have a small master bath, which would meet our needs since all we really want is a toilet, sink and a nice shower.

The plumbing stack is located right below the existing bath so locating the master bath beside it will make the plumbing work easier. By doing this we lose the master closet so we came up with the idea of adding a walk-in closet that connects to the master bath. We then have to move the wall between the master bedroom and bedroom 2 just to give us back some space in th emaster bedroom, which is alright since bedroom 2 has room to spare. This also means the door for bedroom 2 needs to be relocated by taking away some of the closet space from bedroom 2.

The new master bath 6x10 has a 36 inch shower (the blue square), toilet and a 30 inch vanity. It also has a 4x6 attached walk-in closet. Beside the toilet and shower is the existing hallway closet which we would like to keep.

Are there any other layout ideas out there?
We're not sure on the closet layout either so if you have any suggestions for it too.

Thank you

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