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adding on to garage truss to rafter tie in

I have a Friend that would like to add 16 ft onto his garage. He is thinking of getting pre made trusses for the addition. The current garage has framed rafters, a 2x6 rafter with a 1x6 at the peak. They are notched where they meet the wall. He would like to keep the roof looking as one when it's finished. I would think that the trusses won't be the same as the notched rafters and the current roof and addition roof will end up at 2 different heights? Has anyone delt with this issue before? If so how do you make sure the new trusses will match the current rafters? Thanks, Scott


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An architect/engineer would probably be needed to make sure they are designed accurately


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You can give the truss supplier the exact dimensions you want. The critical dimensions are span, heel, and overall height. The span is the distance from outside of wall to outside of wall. Heel is the height of the rafter at the "notch", called a birdsmouth. Overall height is the height from the top of the wall to the peak. See image here. Heel height is shown on the lower picture. Draw a triangle, write in the dimensions of the span, heel, and overall height, and take the drawing to your truss supplier, thats all you need to do.
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Measure the total span, from outside of top plate to outside of the other. Measure the total rise, in the center under the rafter tie that sits on the wall, to the top of the ridge board. Measure the heel height at the rafter's bird-mouth level cut (on top of wall) to the rafter's top edge, plumb--- directly over the outside edge of wall plate straight up.(example: 4-1/4") And lastly, measure the rafter tail overhang, horizontally from the outside wall to the rafter tail. Add for wall sheathing. Your truss company will ask these same questions.
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Thanks for the advice guys.

I don't believe that we need to get an architect/engineer for a little garage addition. I can order the trusses(which from what I understand are designed by an architect/engineer), we just didn't know what measurements we needed to get them to match the existing rafters. He already got the permit from the city which they didn't require any architect drawings, just a description of what we were going to do and to make sure we were within the setbacks and the square ft of the house rule.

I will go to the truss company and talk to them now that I know what measurements I will need to bring them. Thanks again.
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Some truss companies are willing to send someone out to do measurements. For just a few trusses for a 16' addition they might want to charge you something extra for measuring.

One warning, I did a big addition that was a bit complicated so I asked the truss company to send someone out to confirm my measurements. They sent out a salesman and he screwed up the measurements. Fortunately, the actual truss engineer could tell they were screwed up and called me rather than the salesman to clarify measurements. A couple phone calls and exchanging emails with drawings and we were set. The trusses fit perfectly.

Another warning. I had told them I wanted to approve final drawings before they manufactured the trusses. The drawings were fine but had the design guy not called me they would have been screwed up. So I would recommend that you request they send you drawings for approval before manufacture.


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