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Ashley DIY 07-12-2012 11:06 PM

Adding Flooring/Drywall/Insulation in Portable Storage Building
Hi all! I recently bought a 12x16 Action storage building. I've put up some pictures on Flickr here: It's got picture of everything outside, inside and under. I can pretty much figure out the drywall and insulation process when I get to that point (and am REALLY) excited to do it but for now my biggest issue is the floor!! Now, I'm going to be working out of this building and using it as an outside studio for the messier stuff I'll be doing like Screen printing and the most important and new venture, Letterpress. So this is where my issues are. The letterpress (a 100 year old hunk of steel and or cast iron) will way about 1,200lbs and most of the weight is at the top of the machine and the palate it will be sitting on will be about 3'x3'. So alot of weight in a very small area. I've talked to the guy who I'd like to buy the press from and he says I should add extra sub flooring which I think wouldn't be a bad idea. Here are the floor specs: Joists 2x6 in size spaced 16 inches apart Subflooring is I think 9/16 inches thick? I saw a stamp on the bottom that said "thickness 0.563" I was told that the flooring was rated to take 1,100 per square foot but idk. The building is on 2 "beams" running the length of the building with cemente blocks on the ends and middle of each beam. You should be able to see everything in the pictures in the link I provided above. My questions is what kind/thickness of plywood should I use to lay on top of the existing flooring and how should I lay it? I thought I'd read somewhere if adding flooring it needs to run in a different direction than what's there now or something like that. I'd also like to stay under $15.00 a panel if possible. I'll also be adding another beam to the bottom of the building just to make sure I have extra support. - Ashley

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