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Dealing with the trees outside my house causes me enough aggravation. I can't imagine trees inside...

Get a big ladder would be my only advice.

Why don't you share some more ideas and perhaps a drawing of what you're thinking? This is intriguing.


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Originally Posted by jogr View Post
It would be better for the environment if you just skipped the walls and roof and lived in the unencumbered forest. The trees are just one part of the ecosystem and they need the rest of the ecosystem to thrive. If left open the rain would water your trees naturally and the wildlife could come and go freely. Your forest needs the natural season changes to survive best. If one cares about the trees one wouldn't lock them up.
Were only talking 5 or so trees. The rest would be grass, flowers that sorta thing. The reason I want it inside is because of the temperature and to stay away from rain. The trees would get plenty of water, sunlight, and love.

Originally Posted by Maintenance 6 View Post
Most Greenhouses aren't 4 stories tall and don't have plants that push their roots through the foundation walls.
Most difficult a build this is turning into. What would you recommend?

Im starting to think bonsai trees xD

Originally Posted by twpaint View Post
Im confused on the purpose of this thread lol
From the emptiness a body attached to experiences creates its world from the depths of its imagination.

You wonder, if reality is created from imagination why can I not fly? I remind you that earth is a shared reality from the wills and bodies of many. We must join as one to have instant manifestation of our desires.

But as you know in your own tiny piece of this reality, in your dreams or imagination, you can fly.

What is the difference between dreams and waking reality? In both you have experience of being in a place. In both you feel. In both you think. Though it may be different, is it not just the experience of the worlds we see ourselves in that make up reality? Do we only wake up because we are attached to the memory of having a place to wake up to?

Originally Posted by Nailbags View Post
The OP must be trying to build a grow house, Must be from Colorado or Washington.
Na :p

I just really love nature. I want to sleep on grass by trees, but without being outside where it rains, too cold, too hot, windy, ect

Originally Posted by LVDIY View Post
Dealing with the trees outside my house causes me enough aggravation. I can't imagine trees inside...

Get a big ladder would be my only advice.

Why don't you share some more ideas and perhaps a drawing of what you're thinking? This is intriguing.
I want to build this home and then live in quiet seeking the depths of enlightenment. I see myself having lots of time to maintain haha

Well it seems it is going to be too difficult.. Or more difficult than I want to deal with - to have the trees. I'm now thinking normal one story. Areas of floor being dirt, sand, and grass. I also want a room underground, I want that more than I want the trees in the house :p Also want an in ground pool in the house.

Dirt, sand, grass
Underground dirt room
Various plants
And a small wood floor area for tv, xbox, computer
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Had an idea,

Have holes in the roof for them to grow through. Yes, we account, the best we can, for the type of tree and how big they will get. Maybe big rubber gasket around the tree so it can expand and not leak water? Or something like that? lol

If I had to choose this or leaving them out, I'm still mostly leaning on leaving them out of the house picture. I don't think it would look to nice from the inside having just the bottom of a tree. May look cool outside though. Like, is that a tree growing on a house.. wait its in the house!? lol
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I'm not sure about the longevity of such a plan (trees inside), but in industrial/commercial settings it isn't uncommon to have a self-supporting engineer 60' tall tower. Usually you're building an independent structure inside this building, but . . .
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I can't imagine this structure is ever going to actually be built, but just in case : why not just build a normal house with a big central courtyard? Maybe a large section as a greenhouse. Keep "tall" trees outside, but the greenhouse could certainly be year-round livable and have vegetation.
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Once I went to a restaurant and part of it was outdoors. 3 sides were stone walls of other buildings, front rebuilt modern store front, and sky was covered with muslin. Beautiful.
I think tall lattice structures with climbing vines can create similar situation. L sided house with tall enclosures can do the same.
With houses we build, though, trees that grow uncontrolled become problems.


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4 stories , building , no floors

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