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stutba 08-05-2013 08:10 AM

2' Cantilever
I have a 2 story house. The second floor cantilevers the 1st floor by 2 feet. I would like to extend the 1st floor 2' to match the second floor exterior and in doing so would cantilever the basement foundation by 2'. Is this possible? My goal in doing so is to add 2' to the kitchen and dinette area which is badly needed as the layout is currently very small and 2' would make a huge difference. By the way, the existing 1st floor joists would run in the wrong direction to be able to use the existing joists for support.

joecaption 08-05-2013 08:18 AM

Can it be done, anything can be done if you have enough money and time, It would be far better to build a full foundation to support that addition and not cantilever it on the first floor.
To cantilever it you would have to redo the whole down stairs floor framing.

stutba 08-05-2013 12:26 PM

Thanks for response. I live in northeastern Wisconsin. My basement is an exposed basement having daylight windows and finished living area in the basement. That is one reason, I was hoping to be able to do a cantilever instead of doing new foundation below. The cantilever would not block the view from the windows and would still allow enough light thru windows.

Sounds like with the joists running in the opposite direction, this may not be a cost effective small addition.

joecaption 08-05-2013 12:30 PM

Posting some pictures may get some ideas.

GBrackins 08-05-2013 03:58 PM

It depends on your building code.

The 2009 International Residential Code only allows a load bearing wall to be offset by the depth of the joist, i.e., if you use 2x10 joists then the load bearing wall can only be 10" from the center of the load bearing wall (foundation) below. This is to meet the prescriptive requirements of the code.

if you hire a professional engineer they can come up with the maximum cantilever and comply with the requirements of the code.

hope this helps! Good luck!

jcrack_corn 08-06-2013 09:54 PM

i dont understand why cantilevering joists vs solid foundation has any bearing on the view from the basement windows????

there will still be new house structure over the foundation....this is very confusing.

it would probably be very cheap to pour a foundation for a 2ft cheap that if i was doing that i would probably add more if the design allowed.

i would imagine that you can complete the whole project with a new foundation for the same price of ONLY trying to tie into the existing structure and cantilever.

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