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SFX Group 11-21-2010 10:04 PM

1940-1950's cold store (under porch) (///AG)
Hi, so i have been pulled out the stud walls in the basement... then.. I find a door... never knew about this.

Turns out its a cellar under the porch, 6x6x6 feet, here is the problem, the walls all look fine, the roof looks to be 1 slab, HUGE crack alone a internal L shaped beam (its rusted, dropping concrete off it, top now cracking, it’s raining in the celler from the water coming in the crack that’s water logged the whole slab, its not a flow of water, rather the whole internal is just so damp it rains.

I notice this does not have a creathe hole (looks like the reason for the problem in the first place)

So it needs replacing... ideas?

Someone here said to get someone in, get a nice wood form made up inside the cellar, let them re-pour the whole top and make nice new stairs as well (about 12inch step that for some reason is 2inch then 10 it lift)...

Any views on this?

Is a cellar in a 1940-50's house common or was this guy ahead of his time (there’s seems alot in the house very advanced for its time, solid concrete pour base etc...).

While here, i need to get 4 quotes for a special sized outside door (30" wide, less than 67" tall), depending on any frames needed or air sills needed.... Thats the sized fitted at the moment but its a super old outside door (1inch think wood).

Ron6519 11-22-2010 10:43 AM

You would get price quotes from local installers, not here.
Take some pictures of this room.

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