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mjkpainting 05-28-2010 07:22 AM

1890 House/Stone Foundation//seepage in basement
I live in Connecticut and have a rental property that was built in 1890. The house has a stone foundation. The problem is that water is seeping through the lower part of the wall close to where it meets the floor. Some of the lower part of the wall seems to be crumbling.

There is not a lot of water on the floor after it rains but itís enough to have the tenants call me every time the problem occurs. Can you guys think of any solutions????

I wanted to know what you guys thought about skimming the interior with a mortar or think skim concrete??????? Or is that like pissing in the wind?

Any suggestions you guys have would be greatly appreciated

stadry 05-28-2010 08:20 AM

man isn't intend'd to live in basements once he discovered houses :laughing:

the crumbling's from rainwater picking up soil acids which then attacks the mortar's cement's lime eventually destroying the mortar,,, the proper repair's to excavate to the btm of the wall & waterproof the exterior,,, we use tremco but there're other mtls avail - 1 being fiber-reinforced roofing cement.

if you can wait long enough, the wall'll collapse & you can then start anew :censored: your method's exactly what you describe it as being :furious:

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