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jim t 04-30-2012 09:50 PM

10 x 12 garage storage loft
I am inprocess of building loft. Attached 2x6 ledger to 2 exposed stud exterior garage walls predrilling and using timberlok fasteners(2 per stud).
Ran joists between 12 foot span 16" oc using 2x6 for joists and attaching to simpson flanged joist hangers on each end with simpson structural screws recommended for hanger. I've attached 2 4x4 posts on 12 foot, 1 at 6 feet and one at corner, both anchored to concrete, attached to 2x6's with 3 timberlok screws. I am planning on using 4x4 post on shorter span also. will be used for light storage- probably less than 30 pounds of items per sq. foot. I've attached posts to outside of ledger. Are timberloks acceptable, or should switch with through bolts? Any suggestions are welcome. Used expansion anchors and steel post bases on 4x4 to concrete floor attachment.

Thank you,

Jim T

bill01 05-01-2012 09:42 AM

Not sure though bolts will buy you a lot more. The key difference would be the resistance to pulling them out of the wood. Lag bolts driven to the proper depth have similar resistance as though bolts but not sure about these fasteners.

I suspect your limit will be more related to breaking these vertically due to shear. You will have to look the numbers up in their table and do the math.

I may not be reading correctly but it appears you are supporting the far end of this on 6 total fasteners. You would need to take the 1/2 the total weight and see if 6 of these can withstand that.

The math related to this is extremely complex and is also related to the distances fasteners are from the edge of your wood. This site does not have these fasteners but you might get a idea by trying similar screws and lags.

jim t 05-01-2012 08:31 PM

10x 12 garage storage loft
Thanks for the response.
There are 2x6 ledgers on 10 foot wall and 12 foot wall. There are 2 timberlok fasteners at each stud contacted by ledgers, studs are 16" oc, so I believe there are enough in the studs. Per the website, they are suppose to be stronger than 3/8 or 1/2 inch lag screws. My most important question was regarding through bolts versus timberlok or thrulok fasteners to secure 2x6 joists and beams to 4x4 posts. I plan on anchoring total of 4 4x4 posts to concrete floor to support the deck along with the securely attached ledgers. I will not overload upper deck. Expect live load to be less than 30 lbs per sq. ft. Storage tubs, christmas decorations, old toys, etc.

thank you

Jim T.

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