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hartkem 11-10-2011 08:58 AM

1.5 Story Home with Dormer Windows - Insulate Rafters?
I recently purchased a home that the realtor was calling a 1.5 story home. The house has three dormer windows on the front of the roof that provide light to the two bedrooms and one full bath upstairs. The main living area has a cathedral ceiling and there is a cat walk upstairs between the two bedrooms with a bathroom in the center. The catwalk overlooks this main living area. The upstairs rooms are about 12'x13' with full 8' or more walls on all sides. The ceiling is sloped and appears to be similar to the pitch of the roof. My question is regarding the way the builder insulated the upstairs attic area beyond the walls of the bedrooms which is a triangle cavity that is unconditioned. . Each room has a small attic accees door the allows you to enter this space beyond the wall. In this unconditioned cavity the builder has insulated the rafters, floor, and what would be the walls of the bedroom and main living area. I dont' understand why the rafters are insulated. I know the rafters would have to be insulated beyond the wall extending to the peak of the roof since that is conditioned space for the bedroom. I walked outside and looked at the vents for the roof. They appear to be about 2 foot down from the ridge which would be located within the ceiling area of the bedrooms and not in the triangle cavity beyond the bedroom walls.

Thanks for your help and opinions.

hartkem 11-10-2011 02:36 PM

After more research I learned that the bedroom walls that I am referring to are called knee walls. THis style house is also considered a cape cod. From what I have been reading I should either insulate the knee wall and floor or the rafters, not both.

Gary in WA 11-11-2011 09:40 PM


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