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Jerry8C 11-26-2011 07:04 PM

Yard Light Sensor and Wiring
Yard Light Sensor and Wiring

1. When digging, I nicked the underground wiring to my yard light where a very small piece of wiring is exposed. I wrapped it with electrical tape. In hindsight, was that an acceptable repair technique?

2. My yard light has an electrical sensor which faces north. Is there a recommended direction for a yard light sensor to face?


Colomboj 11-26-2011 07:20 PM

If it was copper showing I would have used a underground splice kit. If it was just some outer cable jacketing tape would be fine.

North is a great way to face a light sensor or south. It doesn't really matter if it works the way you want. If its not coming on when you want then adjusting or covering a portion of the sensor is a great way to change that.

Jerry8C 11-27-2011 04:26 PM

Thanks for the return. The nicked wire was silver, so I assume it was not the copper wire you mentioned for using a splice kit. It was in a Romex cable. I did not disturb the cable so as not to make the problem worse. My concern was being an underground cable, would tapping with electrical tape be satisfactory considering the elements and water seeping around it?
As for the sensor, my problem is my light stays on too long in the morning. I thought if I were to face it east, it may have a shorter ON period. However, I am not anxious to drill another hole in the steel post to change its location. There is not an adjustment I could make. Do you think covering part of the sensor would help?

Msradell 11-27-2011 06:51 PM

If you nicked in the middle part of the wire you need to use an underground splice kit to ensure that water doesn't penetrate to the metal. Taping will not prevent water infiltration over extended periods.

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