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Anytime I see wirenuts or devices taped, my first thought is either 'hack' or 'amature'. There are exceptions, most notably devices in cut-in boxes that are held in place with Madison bars.

There's never a reason to tape a wirenut though.

About the only thing tape will accomplish is to leave a gooey mess for the next poor schmuck who has to work on it.


P.S. Occasionally, you'll read an article that recommends (or even demands) tape everywhere. These are almost always written by some sort of a sensationalist who is getting behind on his McMansion payments.


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Originally Posted by k_buz View Post
I have never seen it done that way, and I wonder what an inspector would say. I know what you are saying, but in reality, would it be allowed.

I guess the best argument the inspector would have is that the plastic box wasn't being used in the way it was intended if there were no knockouts in the box.

I love these technicalities.
Yeah, I don't know... personally, i don't use this method often, but it is handy when you come across someone else's fancy workmanship.
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FWIW, in my case they are metal boxes with EMT conduits throughout.


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