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bobo 02-19-2006 04:29 PM

wiring switches in 3 gang box

i want to replace a few 3 gang metal work boxes with plastic "old work app" boxes and new single poll switches, switch 1, for a light, switch 2 for a lite, and the 3rd for an outlet. the power comes into the 3 gang switch work box. the way they have it wired, is the hot lead goes to one switch, and then a jumper from switch to switch to supply power to all three switches, but they have done so, by putting the first jumper under the same screw terminal as the hot going to that switch! no good, right??? the commons are tied together, and so are all the grounds, but no ground terminal on the switches. now, can i run a single black 12ga wire from the hot(wire nut them) comming in to one side of all 3 switches, and then tie together all the commons, and connect the black from the lites and outlet to the other side of the switches? is this ok? and what about the grounds, if i get switches with a ground terminal???

thank you all for any help...bob

jbfan 02-20-2006 08:25 AM

I don't know the reason you would want to replace the old box with a new box. Pigtail the hot wire and take a tail to each switch. If all the neturals are tied together, then leave them tied. You can pigtail the grounds and take a tail to each switch as you did the hot. On the exsisting setup, the hot wire is probably one long peice of wire and not seperate wires.

bobo 02-20-2006 10:13 AM

Wiring 3 Switches 3 Gang Box...

i want to replace the metal workbox because it is flopping in the breeze! there are two nails half nailed into the the one side of the box, and its very loose. plus, the box is resessed into the wall too far. whoever put it in, left the switches loose, so the screws from the wallplate would reach, and in turn pull the box somewhat tight to the wall. so i figure if i have to take out the box anyway, i would put in an old app workbox with the tabs that secure it to the wall, and mount the box flush and tight to the wall. the switches are old too, so i figure i would just do the whole thing over. alot of the switches and outlets are this way. i just bought this house, it was built in 1953, in very good shape, but somethings like this, do need to be repaired.

thank u for ur help jb!!!;) wiring

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