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wiring stairs for rope lighting outdoors

I am fixing to have a patio installed it will have a concrete foundation with stone on top. I want to install rope lighting on the top of the risers just under the top of the steps. I would like for the wiring to be under the concrete so its real clean. There will be about 7 or so stairs then to the patio then tapping into the outlet. I think... Anyone have a clue how to?


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Generally you run a conduit to where you will install the outlet
But where are the stairs starting & ending from?
My stairs are near the house, so for me it's easier to have a switched outlet under the stairs
Then route the rope light around the stairs as needed


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Let me add couple tibbits related to rope luminaires.

First golden rules is do not pintch like use the wire staple to hold in place that can break the conductor or bulb { I will explain little more later }

Second thing do not bend super sharp I always leave nice bending radius genrally you will need at least 3X diamiter of rope luminaire unless manufacter stated in the instruction diffrent than what I mention.

Third thing if you going to use at the outdoor useage make sure they are listed for wet location I know pretty good percentage rope lights are listed but keep it away from sunlight some can get hard and brittle and can crack

Fourth ., majorty of rope lumianre are precutted from factory so if too long you will have to find a way to shorted up a little or black out with black marker or something and never cut precuted ropes otherwise either partal rope light will not come on or shorted out.

If that can be cuttable in feild make sure you follow the manufacter instruction very carefull when you have to make a cut { this type of rope luminaire is slowly dissapair due safety issue arised }

Some rope light can be dimmed and some don't dimmed at all.

And any rope light it have to be on GFCI protecton by either GFCI breaker or GFCI receptale one of two will meet the code.

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The distance from the house to the 1st step is about 17 feet. Then there is going to be about 6 or 7 steps to a second patio. What I need to know is. Do I run each stair seperatly and then tie them all together near the outlet or do I run one continuous light all the way to the outlet. I dont want to see any wireing except under the stairs
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rope lighting stairs questions...

Using Rope Lights from home depot, I have x4 steps each 8ft long, in flagstone that need to be under lit, then a path to light up from the 4 steps 25ft to another step at the end of the 25 ft path.

I want to know the following:

1). How to attach the rope light to the under lip of the flagstone steps? Staples cant, as it is stone, any suggestions? the end result looking as follows. Not to see the wiring (rope light) only the light emanating from under the 1 1/2* - 2" step (not a large lip).

2). What I need to know is: Where to purchase a splitter for rope light that works with the home depot rope lighting. I have found none online whatsoever! Then granted I do find a Y or splitter, help please...! Do I run each stair separately, with 8 ft light cord each and then tie them all together with 3 Y`s for the 5 total steps? and then run extension cords 200 ft to the outlet by the house?

Or: Do I run one continuous light all the way down the steps and path to extension cords that connect to the outlet?

That 2nd way seems not so effective as if I do a continuous connect of cord lights just under 200ft of cord in a snake pattern back and fourth down the steps then parts of the sides of the steps will have no light... I want the left and right extremities running along the steps to also have light rope as well as the path between the steps and under the steps. I dont want to see any wiring under the lip of my flagstone
recap:question 1). how to attach to stone?) stairs except of course the sides and the path will have the cord exposed, in order to light the way-

question 2). where to find Y or splitters to connect two light cords to the same extension cord, is there a limit of how many splitters one can safely use with ones total footage under 200ft? and the question of how to cover all the surfaces mentioned without sides missing cord, if the Y splitter is not easy to find...

Thank you for answering my questions! Hope some like Eddie from 2009, who have been there could give feedback, otherwise, I appreciate any ideas that have been successful or in rhetoric seem plausible.


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